Our Services

Our Services

Put love at work and suffer perfection in the result.

In Laundry we want you to remember us for our quality of washing and our excellent customer service, so our commitment begins when you enter our laundries,

Clothes washing on request

The washing of the garment is carried out in water, following the need for it and the care required. If necessary, difficult stains go through an extra staining process. Any garment that needs a special process is coordinated with the customer before processing it.

Self service

This type of modern, fast and economical service, allows our clients to be able to wash their garments themselves in a short time range and with a lower expense than usual.

Express service

With our Express Service, your garments will be ready in just one hour, providing our customers with ease so that they can access a complete water wash service. This service will depend on the availability of supplies; Consult with the person in charge.

We accept all kinds of clothes

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